Tour Paradise With a Virgin Islands Yacht Charter

There’s no doubt that beaches make for some of the hottest and most exotic holiday destinations on the planet. And no matter how Family Island Cheats they are with tourists, one can always find them enjoyable, relaxing and refreshing at the same time. However, there is nothing more beautiful than to enjoy a beach in its unadulterated, uncluttered, pristine, natural beauty. And just when you think there are no such beaches left, you can go on a yacht charter of the Virgin Islands.

Barely a few miles from the coast of Puerto Rico, and yet, the Virgin Islands truly exemplify their name. While the large islands of Tortola, Saint Thomas, Saint John and Virgin Gorda are popular tourist locations, offering every kind of facility, amenity and luxury that one can hope for; the smaller islands of Jost Van Dyke, Normal Island, Peter Island and even Anegada are secluded marvels waiting to be discovered. With your private luxury yacht, it’s possible to visit, explore and experience each of these islands as leisurely as you’d like.

Depending on what’s more convenient, you could start with either the US Virgin Islands of St. John’s or St Thomas; or with the British Virgin Island of Tortola. The islands of St. Thomas and St. Johns effortlessly mix luxurious amenities and man-made marvels with the breathtaking natural beauty of the islands. There’s absolutely no dearth of activities – you can shop, dine and indulge in adventure sports of every kind imaginable. St. Thomas’ attraction in particular is the sky tram that takes you 700 feet up into the air to give you mind-blowing view of the island and the surrounding waters. For nature enthusiasts, the huge St John’s National Park will definitely be a revelation of sorts. Both islands boast of some of the prettiest beaches on the US Virgin Islands.

With your very own luxury Virgin Islands yacht charter island hopping the Virgin Islands becomes a treat in itself. From St. Thomas and St. John you can sail to the islands of Tortola or Virgin Gorda. The sandy beaches of Tortola are dotted with luxury villas, resorts, beach bars and honeymooning couples – all of which blend perfectly with the heavenly and romantic atmosphere that the island creates. The hub of the BVI, Tortola surprises and excites tourists in every way. Virgin Gorda, on the other hand presents the prospect of lazing luxuriously on beaches of a village where time stands still. With your private luxury yacht, you’re in the best position to enjoy the legendary Baths of Virgin Gorda – naturally formed pools of water into large rocks – famous of swimming, dipping and snorkelling.

Your Virgin Islands yacht charter also gives you the advantage of experiencing the island of Anegada like no one else. You can lounge on the deck while watching whales and dolphins that are frequent visitors to the coast, or discover Anegada’s rich marine life as you snorkel amidst the many shipwrecks that dot Anegada’s waters, or spend your day roaming the pink coral beaches – the only in the Caribbean. The smaller island of Jost Van Dyke has fewer than 200 inhabitants, but has some of the most famous beach bars on the Caribbean. Sip on cocktails made with the island’s rum at the Soggy Dollar, Gertrude’s or Foxy’s while your yacht rests in the protected anchorages at the harbour.

All of this and much more is possible with your private Virgin Islands Yacht charter. There cannot be a better, more luxurious and wholesome way of experiencing the beauty of the Virgin Islands than on a private luxury yacht.

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