Using Free Podcasts to Build Targeted Traffic and Build Opt-In Lists

A free What Should You a course in miracles About is one of the newer methods to build traffic and build opt-in lists. You can submit your podcast feed to the various podcast directories and garner a share of the traffic that they serve each day.

First, though, you have to know how to create a podcast. If you’re writing and submitting articles, or posting regularly to your blogs, then you already have the informational content to create your recordings, and that’s really all a podcast is – an audio version of come type of content. It can be as simple as reading your articles into an audio program and saving them as MP3s, then creating your podcast RSS to submit to the podcast directories.

If you’re using your blog posts as the source for your recordings, be sure to use a podcasting plugin to automatically create your podcast RSS. You don’t want it to be mixed in with your main blog feed, but instead to be a separate podcast RSS that only lists your audios in the feed. This then lets you submit that feed to podcast directories like iTunes, PodcastAlley, Podcast Ready, etc.

Because these podcast directories only include audio listings, they don’t index your articles, your blogs or your web sites, so submitting podcasts is the only way to get your information in front of their audience, and derive targeted traffic from them. As your following builds for your podcasts, you build your traffic and can build opt-in lists using that flow.

Why are audios so popular? First, they allow people to continue to learn in what would otherwise be dead time. Multi-tasking is a popular buzzword these days, and being able to download free podcasts and listen to them while exercising, jogging, riding public transportation or while driving to and from work is becoming more and more popular. iPods and other MP3 players are everywhere these days, and downloading free podcasts to them is now commonplace – not just music but business podcasts as well.

Additionally, adding these audios to your blog gives it additional accessibility – people who have sight issues, people who speak the language but can’t read or write it, etc, will really appreciate you making your site more accessible to them. Once again you’re building traffic to your blog, and that translates into building opt-in lists too, provided you have the opt-in form on your blog or at least a link to the free gift you offer from your opt-in squeeze pages.

Best of all you don’t need a separate podcast host, since it resides on your blog, and no special podcast technology is needed for visitors to download podcasts – your free podcast is available for them to download from your site, the podcast directories, etc. By being sure to always include your URL so that people can easily subscribe to your podcast RSS feed or download podcasts from our site, you’re ensuring that anyone who is interested in your information has an easy way to find you and download any future MP3s you make available.

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