That Guides Your Reader From Problem to Solution

There are a number of easy ways to write a acim. And if you are any kind of expert or business owner, becoming an author is mission critical.

The good news is that it is easier than ever to publish a book without spending a fortune or taking years writing proposals and being rejected by publishers. But before you concern yourself with publishing options, you need to write the book.

There are a number of methods of how to write a book quickly. One of them involves something you as an expert do all the time quite easily and naturally. I’m talking about writing a step-by-step book that guides the reader from problem to solution.

When you write a step-by-step book, you take your reader by the hand and show them how to get from their problem to their perfect answer. I’ll give you an example shortly. But first, I have to direct your attention to something really important, because I want your success.

Don’t make these HUGE mistakes that most experts/business owners who decide to write a book make.

* Waiting for the “right time”: I don’t know what this “right time” is; it never comes. Because it’s nebulous, by the time you wait for the kids to be out of school or the stars to be aligned in a particular pattern, something else will come up to make life busy again. So you’ll kid yourself into thinking life will somehow “slow down” and let you write your book. You have to seize the moment.

* Perfectionism: If you’re waiting for the book to be “perfect”, you’ll be in your grave before you’re an author. Nothing’s ever perfect. Get over yourself and get it done!

* Not making becoming an author a priority: How can you become an author if you never finish the book? You are losing business every single day that you are not a published author. Think about the fact that authors are esteemed and respected above non-authors and you realize why writing your book is mission critical.

* Writing about a topic instead of a solution. This isn’t high school and you’re not writing a term paper. You want to write a book your ideal customers or “target audience” will want to read. That means writing about solutions to problems.

Now you’re able to avoid the typical mistakes, so you are miles ahead of the rest. Now you get to see how easy it is for you to guide your reader from problem to solution.

Any expert or business owner who writes a nonfiction book needs to be sure it is something that people will actually pay to read. Otherwise, why bother. The steps book is really valuable to the reader. Since you are providing a “trail of breadcrumbs” that take your reader one step at a time, you are definitely creating a book of value.

Why is the steps book such a good idea for any expert or business owner?

Because your potential customer has big problems or desires and is searching for solutions. Think about this. Your potential customer is in some sort of pain or distress. They have the kind of problem that you solve every single day with your expertise in your business.

Your problem-solution book will take on one of two “tones.”

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