Security Shutters

Some call them قیمت انواع کرکره برقی some call them security shutters or even security grilles. They have been around for many years on commercial establishments the preventative wall of steel that covers so many storefronts.

More and more people are now looking to install them on their homes covering doorways and windows as crime prevention is in today’s society on every responsible individuals mind.

The domestic roller shutter has been developed to be more appealing to the eye without losing the security benefits.

The curtain section is usually flatter and thinner than the bulkier section used on commercial premises and the section is usually covered with a plastic plasticol finish which can be easily cleaned.The plasticol finish is usually available in a wide variety of colours.

Although manual operation may be available electric is the obvious choice bringing down and taking up each individual roller shutter with a touch of a button.

Maintenance on your home in inevitable, and upkeep can sometimes be a challenge. You often need to paint the exterior, paint the interior, fix the occasional broken faucet, replace the flowers that died on you, and reseed and fertilize the lawn just to name a few.

A common question people have is about decorative vinyl exterior shutters: “How do I remove exterior vinyl shutters that are installed with Shutter-Loks without breaking the exterior vinyl shutter?”.

Shutter-Loks (sometimes spelled “shutter locks” and often referred to as easy-loks, shutter plugs, or plastic nails) are designed for a permanent shutter installation. However, it is still possible to remove decorative exterior vinyl shutters when doing routine maintenance (such as exterior painting or installing new siding) on your home. The bottom line is, you can remove the window shutters, but installing them again will require you to purchase new Shutter-Loks. Keep this in mind before you take them down, because Shutter-Loks generally cannot be found in local stores. Shuter-Loks can be purchased online though (see the link at the bottom of this article).

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