Security Approach That Shifts From Trojan Horse To Trojan Mail

Digital platforms, where we express our thoughts, shop and share parts of our lives, have become an integral part of both home security system quotes spaces, which cover a large part of our lives and time, change our tastes, the way we communicate, as well as our “security“ understanding and need.

With the development of technology, digital innovations that become more and more embedded in our lives with each passing day not only make our lives easier, but also bring about cultural change. Increasing attacks on access to personal information and the security of company information, spam mails, etc., force us to become more conscious users, while hardware and technical innovations become a necessity.We began hearing about concepts like “hacker attacks” and “Trojan mails” in our environment rather than the concepts of operation and war.

Because the military and soldier concepts are being replaced by cyber warriors, and the war equipment is being replaced by personal computers and phones.This forces both us and companies. In particular, corporate information security of companies is of great importance in both financial and commercial competition.The loss, theft or the deletion of even a single file can have irreversible consequences in companies.

SECTION Electronic Security Systems

This is where SECTION Electronic Security Systems offers complete services to its customers.In the scope of Corporate Data and Network Systems and Corporate Data and Network Services, it provides services in cabling, system room layout plans in accordance with standards, wireless network installations, Network needs analysis, network design, determination of appropriate LAN/WAN products, detection of appropriate security products (Firewall), installation and operation of all these systems.

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