Sandra Bullock Movies That Earned The Highest Worldwide

Sandra Bullock movies will make you laugh, angry, list of spiritual films The Blind Side did just that as it hit the hearts of many people worldwide. This movie, which was based on a real life story, earned this versatile actress several nominations. The Blind Side is an inspiring true story about a teenage boy from the ghettos being adopted by a very wealthy family. The boy eventually displayed great talent in football and was recruited in the National Football League.

This film earned a whopping $309,088,985 worldwide with a domestic earning of $ 255,959,475 in America. For a movie with a budget of less than $30 million, this is considered to be an achiever. This Sandra Bullock movie did not only provide entertainment to a lot of people. It also exist as an advocacy telling people to reach out to teenagers who most need the help. It goes to tell the world that some of the greatest talents remain untapped because of the obstacles of poverty. It only takes one good person to save a child from going the wrong direction in life and making a difference. This is one highly recommended Sandra Bullock movie to watch with the family.

Because of this, she bagged the Best Actress award in the Academy and the Golden Globe. She also won awards and nominations in other award giving bodies. Ironically, she also got the unusual Razzie Award for Worst Screen Actress the same year. This was for the movie All About Steve. She accepted the award gamely in front of a cheering crowd. She even joked that everybody in the audience would get a copy of the movie. Her role in the movie was a psychotic crossword puzzle writer who madly stalks a guy played by actor Bradley Cooper. That explains it. You would think that the role was even conceptualized especially for that award!

The number of movie recognitions don’t always equate to high gross earnings. The Sandra Bullock movie that launched her to stardom didn’t earn her that many recognitions. However, it was the top earning movie of her career with a worldwide gross of $350,448,145. Speed is a movie about a hostage taking inside a moving bus. The bomb on the bus is set to explode if the speed of the bus drops to 50 miles per hour. This 1994 action thriller film had a sequel in 1997 but only earned half compared to the original movie.

High gross earnings also don’t always have to come from inspiring, action thriller or sci-fi movies. Sometimes, it comes from something that tickles America’s funny bone. Teens worldwide began to appreciate Sandra Bullock in the romantic-comedy The Proposal. This movie earned $317,375,031 along with several awards and nominations in the comedy category. This was released in the same year as the similarly high grossing movie The Blind Side. No wonder Sandra Bullock grabbed the highest spot in this year’s Forbes List Of Top-Earning Actresses. She has reportedly earned $56 million this year because of those two movies.

Not falling far behind the list of Sandra’s high earning movies are The Prince of Egypt ($218,613,188) and Ms. Congeniality ($212,742,720).

So where does Sandra Bullock invest all her hard-earned money? She owns a 6,615 square feet mansion in New Orleans worth $ 2,250,000. In addition to this, they also own properties in Texas and an ocean front house in California. There’s also a townhouse in lower Manhattan and several other properties across different states. She also spends it on her children with her former husband Jesse James and an adopted baby named Louis Bardo. With all the blessings coming her way, she never fails to share a big chunk of it to charity. She has donated millions to the American Red Cross. She also helped in a petition campaign to clean-up the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. 

Sandra Bullock movies are easy to watch as well as entertaining. Not all of her movies were great but almost all of it has shown what a versatile actress she is. If you still haven’t seen a good Sandra Bullock movie, then start with the ones mentioned in this article. See for yourself what the high earnings and awards are all about. Happy viewing!

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