Lip Collagen to Add Volume to Lips

lip blushing perth collagen has been receiving a lot of buzz these days as more and more women try to find ways to look sexier and more seductive to enhance self-esteem and their general sense of well being. It is actually no surprise when Hollywood actresses parade all godlike with fuller and plumper lips thanks to lip collagen. It has been one of the most popular trends in makeup since and voluminous lips is just everywhere.

Lip collagen produces an appearance of youth and a significant amount of fullness in your lips, creating a pout effect. Collagen, in its natural form, is derived from cow connective tissue. In reality, apart from giving your lips more volume, collage can also be used to enhance your beauty in many other ways like filling out acne scars and reducing wrinkles.

One way to attain voluminous lips is through lip collagen injections. It is a non surgical cosmetic procedure that can give you an increase in the plumpness and fuller appearance of your puckers. It is actually a safe procedure but about 3% of the population may be allergic to bovine collagen so testing for allergies may be necessary before the treatment.

The lip augmentation through collagen injection procedure is quite simple. Your doctor will determine where to administer the injections through an assessment of your face and lips, and then it is directly injected under the skin to begin working on a local effect.

The entire lip uplift procedure may only last for 10 minutes and does not require a general anesthesia administration, because pain and discomfort is only very minimal and only lasts for a short period of time. But normally after the injection, you may experience some tenderness in your lip area, some redness, and a little swelling that settles and resolves itself after a few days.

The effect of the procedure is fairly fast to take effect and is immediately noticeable. You will definitely get an increased lip volume but the effects are not permanent. The fuller lips you get can last up to more than a year but not more because the body will eventually metabolize the collagen, bringing back your lips to their normal form. Repeat treatments are necessary over time to maintain the same effect.The lip augmentation procedure using collagen has been clinically tried and tested to be the safe and effective treatment for lip augmentation and its popularity attests to that.

However, potential complications from lip collagen procedures may include skin infections, minor skin ulcerations, development of allergic reactions to collagen used in the procedure, and the risk for developing asymmetrical results and a trout pout are always present with lip collagen injection procedures.

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