How to Find Rare Books

Now that is a course in miracles Do you search out of print books on the Internet? What about Rare book dealers?

Well, the answer is all of those but you have to find one that fits your style of buying books. Some book buyers like to visit used book stores searching for collectible books, or rare books, that the book store owner missed when he was shelving books. This is a week end past time played by thousands and thousands of book buyers every weekend.

Some book buyers like to work with their local used book stores and select items from his rare book section. Usually there is several books that every book collector would like to own, so if you used book store has some of these books, the problem is how much money do you have to spend on your weekend adventures.

Then there is the antiquarian book fair that shows up in every city across the country. These book fairs deal in antiquarian books, collectible books, or rare books. At these shows you find collectors that have the best of the best. Want a children’s book you have been looking for. They might have it with them or possibly back in their stores or tucked away deep in storage.

But this is a great place to learn about the books that you are most interested in. Let’s say you have never held a copy of Cannery Row by John Steinbeck. Here’s the place to do it. What about the 2nd impression of this book? If you are interested in collecting Steinbeck then you need to know how to identify these different editions. How about which printers in Steinbeck’s early books are considered to be true first editions?

Now once have seen these different editions, you will be able to more easily identify these first editions when you are looking and searching in secret places for these rare books.

But buying it for next to nothing is an art learned by becoming a Book Scout. I know one Book Dealer who only deals in this type of material. He knows how to purchase, trade and find these books and is making a small fortune in the process. He is the only person I know who has 12 copies of John Steinbeck’s Cannery Row. A great collection!

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