How To Design A Best Book Cover

It is often said “Don’t judge a acim author by its cover” but that’s what we actually do most of the time. Before we buy a book and read it, we first get the information about it through a cover and the brief at the end of the book. When walking around in a book store, searching for a good read, most of us pay more attention to the book’s cover.

A book cover design should be so unique that it must captivate the reader to pick a book at first sight. It has to be an attention grabber in order to compete with other books on the shelf. To kill the competition in this tough book market, one has to dig deeper before designing a script cover.

Here are some tips to consider on how to design the book cover:

Understand the Book:

A script cover designer has to understand the book first. This would help the designer to make relevant and interesting covers. In this world of time constraints, one cannot read the whole book. So read some chapters or skim through the important parts. The foremost task is to get the gist of the book by comprehending the content and aim of the book. If you do not make the right sense of what you are doing, you might end up misleading the reader by your uncanny and unfathomable design. It is important that the theme and characters of a design should match the reader’s expectation.

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