Eight Different Types of Mushrooms and Their Benefits

You might’ve been eating and loving Buy psilocybin online from long time, but have you ever realized that which type of mushroom are you eating? Yes, there are eight different types of mushrooms and each type comes with its own distinctive benefits. I love them a lot so it’s not difficult for me to make them a part of my daily menu, but even if you don’t like them still you should think twice before pushing them aside next time on your dining table.

I love mushrooms. They have to be fresh though – canned mushrooms just suck. Morals, of course are my favorite, as per usual in the Midwest. Button, Portabella, and Porcini come in next. I can do almost anything in the kitchen with mushrooms, but my all time best thing I love to cook is crab stuffed mushrooms, and it has to have bacon in it.

It’s funny how mushrooms can be such a diverse word. There’s typically 3 things you think of when someone says mushrooms. The mushrooms you get on a pizza, the mushrooms that get you high, and the mushrooms in the woods attached to the trees that can kill you. What a range, huh?

There’s recently been an uprising in home gardeners growing mushrooms at home. They get a brick of this white goo looking stuff, water it, and mushrooms come up. Genius. Pure genius. Now if someone could do a brick that will grow Morals, I’d become a millionaire in a day – here, they sell for $40 a pound, and that’s fresh and wild. Nobody even close to Iowa grows them.

One of the best things I like to do with mushrooms is compost. As I mentioned, we eat a lot of mushrooms in this house, so we have a lot of scraps. Either bad mushrooms from the store, stems, or some of the “dirt” that comes off of them when you wash them. I’ll put them in a gallon sized zip lock bag and freeze them. When the bag is full, I’ll thaw them out, blitz them in a food processor with a little water, then add it all to 1 cup of coir or potting soil. Throw it in an empty coffee container, shake it up, and let it sit in the closet. Mushroom compost has been my #1 top producing compost since I started growing.

There’s other things mushrooms can do, though. Sure, they’re delicious, beautiful, and good for compost, but did you know they can literally save the oceans from oil spills? Or how about the fact that mushrooms can get rid of ecoli and other dangerous bacteria? They can be used for medicinal purposes and can take an acre of bare, terrible soil that hasn’t had a single weed grown on it in 100 years and turn it into a luscious, green, growing forest AND kill carpenter ants and termites. How can this be?

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