Designing Technology: Making the Leap

Effective print design is laconic: no wasted ink; less is always more. A good designer can communicate a stunning amount of techsmarthere with surprisingly few tools. Design is pervasive in our media-centric culture, and subsequently we are constantly absorbing information via color, line, shape and symbol. Likewise is technology pervasive. From cell phones, to handhelds, to PCs–technology has become a permanent and essential tool in our society.

I do believe – and, I think, most people do believe. That upon accelerating the rate of infrastructural activities and technology, the environment has to recede in its naturalness. Once advancing technology (and its attendant structures or ideas) competes with the green environment for space.

This environment that houses trees, grass, flowers, all kinds of animals and fish has to shrink in size. Yet the growth of population, the relentless. Human craving for quality life, the need to control life without depending on the unpredictable. Condition of the natural environment prompt the use of technology. Technology need not pose unwarranted danger to the natural environment. tamed.

If humans do not want to live at the mercy of the natural environment . Which, of course, is an uncertain way of life – but according to their own predicted pace. Then the use of technology is a matter of course. It would seem that the principle of balance that society. Has chosen could only be for a short while or that this is more of a make believe position than a real one. For when the power of the human mind gratifies itself following a momentous achievement. In retreat, or, at best, a slow-down is quite unusual.

There is no written evidence which can tell us exactly who has coined the phrase educational technology. Different educationists, scientists and techsmarthere philosophers at different time intervals have put forwarded different definitions AbouttechInfo . A multifaceted and integrat process involving people, procedure, ideas, devices, and organization.

Where technology from different fields of science is borrow as per the need and requirement of education for implementing, evaluating, and managing solutions to those techsmarthere problems involved in all aspects of human learning. Broadly speaking, has pass through five stages. The first stage of educational technology is coupled with the use of aids like charts, maps symbols models specimens and concrete materials. The term educational technology was used as synonyms to audio-visual aids. The second stage of educational technology.

The advances in technology will send humans to Mars in the near future. Internet of things, 5G, artificial intelligence automate driving and so on and on probably no one is able to list all the new technologies that emerging techsmarthere. The complexity of the technological world is wonderful but just as bewildering, and difficult to grasp.

Yet, the researches, engineers, and just need to focus on their own portion of the work. The complex robots are compos of smaller functional units that are manage by the respective professionals. They are guid by scientific texts and in the minds. Despite the complexity of technology, they will finally be trace to the simple origin in scientific texts.

Wikipedia defines technology as “Technology is the sum of techniques, skills, methods, and processes used in the production of goods or services or the accomplishment of objectives, such as scientific investigation.” In the search, technology is define the application of scientific knowledge for practical purpose, especially in industry.

The definitions are broad, seemingly to include all useful ways of humans achieving something. Indeed, technology is itself a broad term with many valid definitions. Both definitions are correct in that they describe facts. But they don’t explain the meaning of the terms such as “techniques”, “application” and “scientific knowledge which are vague terms and could involve all the things in the universe.

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