Dating Non-Christians

acim, may share a religion, but they don’t always share the same level of acceptance to the world activities such as sex before marriage and living in together. Believe it or not, sex before marriage and living in together is still frowned upon by some Christians. If you don’t share that same belief and acceptance of the Christian preaching but still want to hold on to your relationship, giving yourself a chance to understand their beliefs may give you more insights to allow you to better understand your partner and where you’re relationship is heading to.

If you’re unaware of the fact that Christians are taught at a very early age to not date a non-believer, then be cautious on going about and dating a Christian. Especially, if she is unaccepting to the fact of dating you because you don’t share the same religious beliefs.

Christians and the rule of responsible dating

Sharing the same interests such as sharing the love for sports and food is different from sharing the same beliefs. Dating a Christian is not just about dating for the sake of having to avoid explaining to your friends or colleagues why you’re not in a relationship because to Christians, dating is about finding if that person they are with is the one they’ll end up with in the long run. Dating is not to be taken lightly as they’ve been taught that’s why they prefer younger Christians to date much later until they are responsible enough to handle a relationship and the relationships that come along with it.

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