Challenges Facing Architects in Wellington

Although it’s not known as one of the design capitals of the world, perhaps Wellington should be. It’s possibly New Zealand’s best kept Palm Springs architects secret. Architects have special problems to solve in their design, given the high wind in Wellington, and some of their designs are copied all over the world by architects in other windy cities.

Wellington New Zealand is a beautiful place to visit and explore. Wellington offers beautiful scenery from it’s many hills, and features a cable car, and sweeping harbour views. Known as the windy city, Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand, and hence has many buildings of national importance. Architects designing buildings in Wellington have blessed the city with a magnificent variety of architectural buildings for over a century.

The beautiful architecture can range from small cottages first built in the late 1850s to post modern architecture which is known for its use of vibrant colours and curves. Architecture in Wellington is broadly speaking quite modern and functional and similar in style and trends to Modern architecture in California.

Most architects that practice professionally are very well trained individuals. Architects are not only trained in design, but also need to have a very good overview of planning, construction, and project management.

Most architects in most cities around the world are required to be fully licenced before they can charge money for architectural services. Training varies from architectural drafting, concept planning, and other subjects and specialties that can be studied at University or Technical Colleges, to a fully fledged architecture degree.

Architects need to stay current. Trends are constantly changing, and an Architect needs to constantly keep up with new developments in their profession. There are several organisation located locally that could offer assistance to an architect based in Wellington.

Wellington architecture practitioners have provided the city with a diverse offering of architectural styles. Architecture is of interest because it is a design form that is part of people’s daily life. The wonderfully talented architects who have designed the buildings in Wellington have always been able to adapt and provide aesthetically pleasing buildings.

Old buildings have been preserved and sit alongside the new buildings in Wellington, so you can see the contrast in changing architectural styles over the years. Te Papa is an ideal place to visit to see a fantastic and award-winning example of modern architecture in action in Wellington.

Only an innovative architect would have thought to build a round building to house NZ Parliament in Wellington. Just venturing over to Civic square will offer you a view of magnificent buildings. There are many trained architects in the Wellington area. Most architects in New Zealand are registered with organisations that help support them. There are also organisations that work to improve environmental living of the area

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