Best Stock to Invest In: Penny Stocks Uncovered

So, you’re looking to secure your future, huh? And the best way you thought how to do so is by investing in the best stocks to buy market. Well, let me tell you something… good choice! The business of stock trading and stock investing is a very rewarding one indeed, but only if you dedicate enough discipline and hard effort is put into understanding it. I guess your immediate question would be, which is the best stock to invest in?, right?

I could talk to you about all the popular and good stocks to buy out there, but that’s just the problem… their too popular. From my own experience I can say that one of my best stock picks was of a small company back in ’89… now one of the – if not the most – powerful multinational corporations in the world. I’m not going to reveal the company’s name though, but at the time I bought them, is was selling penny stocks. It cost be around $0.70 to buy one stock, so I bought a bunch of them. It was risky but, then again, I only spent around $400 bucks.

The first year, my little NASDAQ penny stocks went up around +0.30. That means they were up to $1.00! that was good knows! But I wanted them to go up a little further and then sell them so I could make the difference… To my surprise they dropped to $0.90 – something like that. But this wasn’t a bad surprise for me, somehow I ended up buying a whole bunch more… spent around $2,000! To this day I don’t know why, but I took the risk!

For the next 10 years the stocks skyrocketed and I was selling and buying and selling and buying… From a bunch of day trading penny stocks, I made a great deal of money, but the thing is… by 1999 they weren’t penny stocks anymore! Their price had gone up to a whopping $50 per stock! How about that! Life was good! And still is… Thanks to that moment! What I’m trying to say here is, the best stock to invest in isn’t always the one that’s worth hundreds of dollars. Sometimes you just have to go for it and take the risk with penny stocks, and sometimes with enough research you know the penny stocks are going to explode some day and make you a real fortune!

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