Aquatic Weed Removal Tools You Will Need for a Lake & Pond

If you are a West Coast Cure Weed, one of the things that you need to take care of is the proliferation of the green habitat in your beautiful water body. Undoubtedly, their color might look attractive, but too much of their presence can create a difficult ecosystem underneath. Plants take away much of the sunlight, air, and water for photosynthesis and the fauna living beneath dies of suffocation. Apart from that, the green pond obstructs the path for swimmers because these plants tend to come in their way.

Aquatic Weed Removal

As a lakefront property owner, take a look around and you can spot so many tools, equipment, and herbicides. There are many sites where you can go to for a full list of great options for your specific situation. Also, certain states like Washington, Alaska, New York and Maine have stringent rules and regulations on chemical use. But hey, don’t worry, they often issue permits for application! If not, you still have several other options available for which you can get rid of those pesky weeds.

1. Weed Cutter

Pond owners willing to take a natural approach for the upkeep of their pond can resort to weed cutter for aquatic weed removal. It is a great manual tool with sharp blades. As you toss it inside the pond, it will slice through most aquatic weeds. The stainless steel sharp blades eliminate the weed from its base because it can reach shallow and deep parts easily.

2. Shovels

Use a shovel when you want to limit the weed population instead of complete eradication. The working of a shovel is such that you have to manually dig out the weed and cut it from its roots. For employing this method, you need to keep two things in mind –

A. The water level in the pond should be low so that the weeds become visible to the naked eye and you strike it off from its roots.

B. For prevention of algae and muck growth, you need to remove both the dead and decayed weed stalks too.

3. Rakes

Pond rakes are of two types – electric and manual. The electric rake will simply float around your swimming area and remove the muck and weeds whereas the hand-operated rakes will help you clear both the sticks, dead leaves, and other debris that gets deposited at the shoreline as well as the weeds inside the pond. Now handle even the most stubborn weeds with a pond rake equipment and turn back your pond into its pristine beauty.

4. Aquatic Weed Eradicator

Looking for an awesome tool to cut weeds from your lake and ponds with minimal effort? Aquatic Weed Eradicator will be your friend for the task. The serrated rust-proof cutting blades and long handle reaches to the depths of the water surface and slice the weeds out. These weed eradicators or weed cutters are sturdy enough to handle the load of the weeds. There are several portable versions of weed cutters.

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